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Feedback summer 2012


We have received lots of feedback – for which many thanks.


A questionnaire carried out according to the festival’s quality charter revealed that the typical visitor was a woman (70% of respondents) aged 50+ (87%), lived in the province of Uusimaa (42%), and was an upper white-collar worker (31%) or an OAP (46%). She had paid for her tickets herself (98%), attended 6–8 events for which a charge was made (54%) and 1–2 free events (52%) and spent 4–8 days (62%) and 4–7 nights (57%) in Kuhmo. She gave the festival the overall grade of 9 or 10 out of 10 (81%) and intended to recommend it to a friend (100%).


The respondents rated their satisfaction with the festival as follows, on a scale of 1 to 5 in which 5 = excellent, 1 = poor, 0 = cannot say (n=193).


  1. Repertoire 4.37

  2. Performers/artists 4.63

  3. Atmosphere 4.60

  4. Value for money 4.17

  5. Look of marketing and other info material 4.01

  6. Proficiency of staff 4.48

  7. Willingness of staff 4.60

  8. Festival merchandise 3.68

  9. Signposting to venues 4.15

  10. Accommodation 3.54

  11. Restaurants 3.54

  12. Average for all the replies 4.19


These figures qualify the festival for inclusion in the Finnish Tourist Board’s list of recommended destinations.


Not all the feedback was, however, entirely favourable; this is good, because it tells us what we need to develop. Among the requests were Fair Trade coffee at the festival sales points, artist-audience meetings, and more contemporary music. We can already tell you that these wishes at least will certainly be met next summer.


Respondents said they wished more of the concerts were in the Kuhmo Arts Centre, but many may be surprised to know that the Centre is already in maximum use during the festival. Although the festival programme shows only 2–3 concerts a day at the Centre, the Centre is in fact fully occupied each day from 6 in the morning to midnight. Each concert requires a final rehearsal, time to tune instruments, and to adjust the platform, lighting and sound systems.


The most glowing press reviews were in the Austrian music magazine Festspiele and the Finnish Helsingin Sanomat. Festspiele ranked Kuhmo among the world’s top 15 festivals for the fourth time. It also published a three-spread article devoted to the festival in its spring issue, under the heading music in the middle of nowhere. According to its writer, Kuhmo’s strengths are its blue lakes, light nights, cosy atmosphere and unique music.


Helsingin Sanomat in turn wrote: It can hardly come as news to anyone that the standard of the Kuhmo Chamber Music concerts is so high that it is seldom reached in Finland or anywhere else. Yet though its reputation has become established with the passing of the decades, the consistently high quality of the chamber music-making always comes as a surprise.”