Juliste 2014

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Kuhmo Chamber Music

The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival was established in 1970, and has grown from a small, local celebration into an important international event attracting about 40,000 concert visitors annually. The prestigious New York cultural magazine Connoisseur has observed that “for two passionate weeks in July the remote town of Kuhmo hosts a unique chamber music festival that is possibly the finest in the world”.

This extraordinary event is thoroughly dedicated to the music, which is characterised by one absolute requirement: it must be of the highest standard. Perhaps this is the ultimate source of the now famous "spirit of Kuhmo". But we should certainly not overlook the relaxed atmosphere of the Kuhmo Chamber Music: no spurious decorum prevents the audience from enjoying the concerts in the Kuhmo Arts Centre right after a refreshing swim at the neighbouring lakeside. The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival is a time of harmonious interaction for acoustic music, silence and scenic beauty. The Artistic Director of the Festival is viola player composer Vladimir Mendelssohn.

Kuhmo Chamber Music, July 13-26, 2014 – Seven cities, seven arts

The 2014 Kuhmo Chamber Music will travel across seven cities, exploring seven arts. The cities will be Vienna, Paris, London, New York, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Hollywood.

Whole days will be devoted to differenet genres of the arts, with days set aside for dance, cinema, theatre, painting and literature. And one of the arts will be gastronomy. "The most challenging of the arts is, of course, music, because there will be music every day, "says Mendelssohn.

"Do not miss the festival", says Mendelssohn, "for it will never happen again in the same way under the same stars".

For more information, please contact the Festival Office,
address Torikatu 39, FI-88900 KUHMO, Finland
tel. +358 8 652 0936