Mari-Anni Hilander

Mari-Anni Hilander is a Finnish soprano and a teacher of singing. A student of music education and vocal music, she graduated from the Sibelius Academy in 1996. She gained a qualification in singing in spring 2010 and supplemented her studies at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, where she also qualified in the field of theatre pedagogy. Throughout the early part of this century she spent a lot of time as a performing artist, freelance musician and teacher of singing in different parts of Finland and Europe. Her singing repertoire extends to ancient music, rhythm music, hymns and modern art music. Since 2004, Hilander has been studying with Professor Dorothy Irving. She is currently a lecturer in classical singing at the Kuopio Music and Dance Academy. She is also in demand as a trainer in vocal skills of singers and choirs all round Finland. From 2017 Mari-Anni Hilander will start work as a lecturer in vocal art at the Sibelius Academy.


23. Kontio School 14.15

R. Murray Schafer (1933):

La testa d'Adriane for soprano and accordion (1977)